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Inspections and Measurements on Site

Cergol Engineering creates value for customers by means of an experienced staff and the latest modern equipment, and by performing inspections and measurements that guarantee benefits such as compliance with contractual ship specifications and delay prevention, minimization of risk of unplanned costs, and saving construction and delivery time with the optimization of the production process.

Specifically, inspections and measurements performed for design support include the following activities:
⦁ Checking the correct installation of insulation treatments (floor, thermal-acoustic insulation, damping treatment application)
⦁ Vibration measurements for structural adequacy check (measurements on machinery basement)
⦁ Vibration measurements of local ship structures for natural frequency and possible troubleshooting of resonance phenomena
⦁ Propulsion machinery factory test

All the vibration measurements on site are performed by our engineers in accordance with international standards (ISO regulations, IMO standards and Classification Societies rules and notifications), using advanced software analysis instruments and measurement skills acquired by working on a large number of different types of vessels. The solid experience of our engineers both in theoretical structural solutions and on-site inspections helps us provide customers with helpful practical advice too.

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