Assistance of our engineers to verify the compliance of contractual specifications limits during delivery phase

Proven experience of our staff to detect noise and vibration troubles

Use of updated instruments (annual certificate of good maintenance) and high-performance software

Proven capacity to schedule the measurement campaign and quick organization of our staff in line with customers’ needs

Measurements on Board

Sea Trials

Cergol Engineering creates value for customers by means of an experienced staff and the latest modern equipment and by performing inspections and measurements that guarantee benefits such as compliance with contractual ship specifications and delay prevention, minimization of risk of unplanned costs, and saving construction and delivery time with the optimization of the production process.

In particular, during the commissioning phase and after the ship is delivered, it is necessary to provide measurements on board to obtain noise and vibration levels in order to evaluate if contractual noise and vibration specifications and Class Societies requirements are satisfied.

A specific package of instruments is built for every required measurement activity and all the equipment is carefully calibrated so that the gained results can be exact and accurate. Accelerometers, microphones, tapering machines, white noise generators are annually checked by instrumentation suppliers that issue a certificate of good maintenance.

Before sea trials, a measurement campaign is studied in detail in order to respect the required scheduling time, even when particularly restricted, thanks to the smart management and quick organization of our personnel.
Once the noise and vibration levels are gathered, a post-processing analysis (such as FFT spectral analysis) is performed and an explanatory documentation is produced, highlighting if contractual specifications and Class Societies standards are observed.

On sea trials, our engineers perform the following activities:
⦁ Noise level measurements
⦁ Acoustic privacy testing
⦁ Impact noise testing
⦁ Measurements of vibration levels
⦁ Impedance and mobility testing
⦁ Ambient Environmental testing (indoor climate testing, lighting measurements), certified by ABS

All the noise and vibration measurements on board are performed by our engineers in accordance with international standards (ISO regulations, IMO standards and Classification Societies rules and notifications), using advanced software analysis instruments and measurement skills acquired by working on a large number of different types of vessels. The solid experience of our engineers both in theoretical structural solutions and on-board inspections help us provide customers with results obtained by advanced numerical calculations, and helpful practical advice too.

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