Optimization of insulation weights thanks to the noise prediction calculation

Choice of insulation materials in accordance with customers’ preferences

Respect of noise contractual specification limits

No risk of penalty payment

Insulation Treatment Plan
and Noise Prediction Calculation

The purpose of the activity is to guarantee the respect of the expected limits in the contractual specification drafting processes and of noise levels outlined by the Classification Societies or flag state.
In order to respect the standards, it is necessary to provide a fire and thermal insulation on the base of the structural fire protection plan (SPN) and, at a later stage, a sound insulation that can be divided into structural insulation (bulkheads, sides, overheads, floors and damping) and non-structural insulation (partitions).

Once the insulation treatment plan is developed, assistance is provided to the shipyard in selecting the more suitable insulation materials and trying to meet clients’ needs about preferred suppliers. Our team, in order to find the most tailor-made solutions, maintains constant contact and technical dialogue with the chosen suppliers.

Particular attention is given by our staff to the overall dimensions and weight. Space management in shipbuilding is a relevant aspect in terms of comfort and functional use, thus we, as Cergol Engineering, do our best to detect the right compromise between the acoustic solution and the thermic one, by combining the insulation material quantity that should be used with the type of material requested, sometimes choosing more performant supplies.
Taking account of the weight calculation allows us to deliver the bill of material to the yard and to help the naval designer in the stability calculation execution. The yard is thereby facilitated in the necessary orders by suppliers, and naval architects can assess the impact of noise insulation against the ship’s total displacement.
Our company provides an added value to the costumers, by verifying the adequacy of insulation materials through a numerical calculation.
In order to offer this additional evaluation, it is necessary to develop an acoustic model, in which the schematization of the ship structure, the proposed insulations and the acoustic cavities of different areas (cabins, salon, etc) is included. Later, the principal noise sources are applied to the model in line with the information registered in our database and it is verified if the proposed quantity and layout of the insulations can satisfy the required contractual limits. In the areas where a certain margin is present, an optimization of the type and the quantity of the insulation materials is studied.

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