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Our company, thanks to its long-standing experience in the shipbuilding industry and its proven expertise in noise and vibration control, offers shipyards ad hoc consultancy in the drafting of contractual specifications, in order to establish more stringent noise and vibration requirements compared to the standards set by the main Classification Societies, guaranteeing compliance with them thanks to an internally developed procedure and study, to ensure the maximum pleasure and comfort.
The noise and vibration limits are proposed and agreed on the basis of the requests of the shipyards and the parameters such as the type of ship to be built, the propulsion adopted and the cruising speed at which it operates, as well as on the basis of all those skills that constitute the intellectual property of the company. The ability of Cergol Engineering to provide an excellent service tailored to the customer comes from the wise use of information from the vast database of vessels built over the years and from their integration with the data and experience provided by the numerous cases of troubleshooting solved, supported by the evidence of sophisticated numerical calculations performed by our engineers.

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